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Hundley Center Policy

Tutors serving in the Hundley Center for Academic Enrichment actively support the core mission of Union University. All tutors are approved by the chair of the department in which they are tutoring. The academic departments rely on Hundley Center tutors to support their discipline area. Therefore, Hundley Center tutors are not permitted to assist students in classes which are not Union-sanctioned. A student found to be utilizing Hundley Center tutoring for courses not being taken at Union University is at risk of losing his or her Hundley Center tutoring privileges.

Furthermore, the purpose of the Hundley Center is to support the efforts of the university faculty and encourage students to become independent learners by bridging the gap between the classroom and a true understanding of the material. Therefore, Hundley Center tutors can explain concepts to help students grasp course material but tutors do not complete students' homework assignments nor do tutors assist in completing students' tests (i.e. take-home tests, online tests, make-up tests, etc.).

In order to accommodate all undergraduate students who wish to receive tutoring, students are asked to limit their tutoring to no more than 1 hour per subject per day in low-demand subjects and no more than 3 hours per week in high-demand subjects such as math and science.

Due to the high demand for our tutors, a student who consistently is a "no show" (3 consecutive appointments) or who fails to provide proper cancellation notice (2 hours) without legitimate excuse (sickness, death in the family, accident, or mandatory meeting with a professor or administrator, excuse from University counselor) will forfeit use of the Hundley Center's tutoring program and must seek tutoring with their professor or find tutoring on their own.

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Smarthinking: Free Online Tutoring 24/7
  • Smarthinking
  • Contact hundley@uu.edu to secure your username and password
  • What Students Are Saying About Smarthinking...
  • "Smarthinking is an excellent tool that's easy to master, quick, and helpful! The tutors explain concepts step-by-step."
  • "I was able to bring my grades up thanks to Smarthinking. Tutoring is available whenever I need it and easy to access."
  • "I love the convenience of Smarthinking…math tutoring is available 24/7!"
Academic Coaches
  • Academic Coaches
  • Academic Coaches are available to meet with you to develop an individualized study plan based on your unique learning style and assist you with time management techniques. In addition, Academic Coaches are available to provide one-on-one test preparation-teaching you test-taking strategies and quizzing you over your study materials.
Walk-In Writing Lab
  • Walk-in Writing Lab
  • Professor Chris Bailey is available to help with all your writing needs!
  • No appointment needed; just walk-in during open Writing Lab hours: Mondays and Thursdays 2–4 p.m. in the Library computer lab.
On-Call Tutors
  • On-Call Tutors
  • On-Call Tutors are available to meet with you at your convenience with 24 hours' notice given. Contact hundley@uu.edu to obtain a password to access a list of on-call subjects and tutors' contact information.
  • Passcode:

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