Keystone Program

Parents Monthly Issue - June 2012

June 2012 update

There is a wonderful saying framed in my office: “There are two things you give to your children…one is roots and the other is wings.” It is the wings that we have the most difficulty in giving. I want to personally welcome you to Union University and the Keystone program! I look forward to the opportunity of assisting you in a successful year at Union. It was a pleasure to begin our communication during your student’s admission interview, but I am more excited about the opportunity to develop strong, ongoing communication between you, your student, and my office.

Keystone Program highlights include:
• The Keystone Individualized Semester Plan developed and given during our June 25 Freshman Registration Event. This plan includes class selections, number of hours permitted, and all additional support requirements and forms.
• Academic advising will be provided through the Office of Academic Support. All class selections and schedules will be completed individually in Sherry Tignor's office. This will include any changes made prior to and after classes begin.
• A weekly advising appointment with your student will be arranged at the beginning of the semester to establish strong communication on a regular basis.
• University Studies, UNI 195K, is a required 2-hour course for all incoming freshmen.  The class for Keystone students will be UNI 195, Keystone. This class will include a study and reading skills component, as well as the large group sessions on Monday evenings. The class will continue for the full fall semester. The Keystone team will teach this course with the assistance of visiting speakers.  Students will be given a complete syllabus for this course on the first day of class.
• ENG 111K provides the required curriculum for ENG 111 (a general core class requirement) with enhanced supports and instruction. Students will also be required to enroll in ENG 111L, Critical Skills in Writing, a one hour graded writing lab designed to enhance writing skills.

Please mark two dates and times on your schedule. BOTH THESE MEETINGS ARE REQUIRED FOR BOTH STUDENTS AND PARENTS. If you cannot attend, please contact me personally at 731-661-6568 or email


The first date is Monday, June 25 at 8:45 am, at the beginning of our New Student Registration Event. We will provide an Eat and Greet meeting with Continental Breakfast for you and your student in Harvey Hall, in the Student Union Building. At this time, I will share information concerning student schedules and answer questions about Keystone.

The second meeting will occur on Friday, August 17, during New Student move-in. I would like you to join me for breakfast that day at 8:30 a.m. for the Keystone Orientation. This breakfast meeting will provide information and material to help understand Union University’s policies and procedures as well as specific aspects in regard to the Keystone program. This meeting will conclude before the time to move your student into the dorms. I will be sending reservation information in August for this meeting.

Please encourage your student to verify that he or she has completed the required health, residence life, and financial aid forms that they have been or will be receiving. Additionally, if your student is planning to transfer in course credit from other institutions, please encourage him or her to ensure that those transcripts have been sent to the Academic Center. Completing these forms and processes early will assist in a smooth transition in August.

I look forward to beginning our partnership together as you become a part of the Union family. If I can answer any questions, please contact me at 731-661-6568 or email

Serving you,
Sherry Tignor

Union University

For more information on Keystone
Contact the Office of Academic Support
1050 Union University Drive
Jackson, Tennessee 38305