Keystone Program

Parents Monthly Issue - February 2013

February 2013 update

 Greetings, Keystone parents! 

Welcome Back! We hope your family had a wonderful Christmas. We are looking forward to beginning this spring semester and watching the continued academic and spiritual growth of your student. We are so very proud of the efforts of many of our Keystone students from this past fall and feel confident our spring semester will be even more successful. God has truly blessed us with the opportunity of serving your family and Union.

We are so pleased with the accomplishments our students achieved during the fall semester! 96.5% of our students achieved GPA’s of 2.0 or higher. 72% achieved GPA’s of 2.5 or higher, and 47.4% achieved GPA’s of 3.0 or better. We are so pleased with their success! These students will be receiving additional privileges for the spring. This could include: 1.) Allowance of additional academic credits up to 16 hours, 2.) Adjustment of meeting times from weekly to bi-monthly, 3.) Optional participation in UNI 197 “Keystone Study Lab” for the spring semester. This class is for students seeking additional support for the spring term. This ungraded, for-credit class will be taught on Tuesday and Thursday for either one or two credit hours. If your student would like to participate, he or she can speak to a Keystone counselor about adding the course.

Below are listed some dates that you may wish to add to your calendar. We will send reminders each month of additional dates and activities, but we felt these may be useful as you make plans with your family this spring:

January 29                   Residence Life Opens
January 30                   Classes Begin
January 31                   First Class for Study Lab
February 4                   Keystone Spring Semester Orientation (required) 10:00 D-3
February 6                   Last Day to Add a Class
February 13                 Last Day to Drop without Record
February 26                 Keystone Etiquette Dinner
March 18                    Academic Progress Reports Due
March 23-April 1         Spring Break
April 2                        Classes resume
April 3                         Last day withdraw from a class
April 18                       Priority Advising Begins for Summer Terms/Fall semester
May 3                         LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW FROM SCHOOL
May 13-16                   FINAL EXAMS

Please encourage your student to continue to utilize tutoring services available through the Hundley Center and Keystone tutors, Ian Draper, Quinlan Draper, and Kalee Hall. Getting help early in the semester will help to make assignments and exams feel less stressful as we progress through the semester.

We look forward to great success from your student this spring!

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