Keystone Program

Parents Monthly Issue - September 2013

September Update

  Dear Parents,

Classes and student programming are in full swing! We've begun our weekly meetings between students and Academic Support counselors, which will be a key layer of support throughout the semester. In these weekly meetings, counselors and students collaborate to determine effective study strategies, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and identify resources that students should take advantage of. Know that your student has a full plate of studies to be diligently pursuing. If your student mentions that there is nothing left to study, encourage him or her to think again! There is always room for more studying. Although it may seem as if the semester just started, mid-semester grades will be sent home in just four weeks.

Purposeful Reading is off to a great start and is equipping students with necessary skills to tackle the semester. Additionally, Gateway evening courses, which have been meeting each Tuesday night for the first four weeks of class, will conclude September 10.

Coming Soon: We will be hosting a Keystone movie night, featuring The Hunger Games and, of course, popcorn on Monday, September 16!

Mark your calendars for the weekend of September 27. Union will be hosting our annual Family Weekend! This is a great opportunity for your family to see your student in his or her new environment. Different organizations across campus will be hosting family-focused events throughout the weekend. We hope you can join the fun! For more information, check out the Family Weekend page:

We encourage you to check in with your students regularly to learn about their lives at Union and to encourage them along the way. Be sure to visit their Facebook pages and Instagram feeds to see the new friends they are making and the new experiences they are participating in. As always, we want your student's experience to be a collaboration of support between families and our staff.

Happy September!

Union University

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