Keystone Program

Parents Monthly Issue - January 2014

January Update

 Happy New Year!

We hope that each of you were able to ring in the new year surrounded by loved ones. We’re looking forward to a challenging and exciting second semester with our Keystone students and are excited about getting started.

At the end of last semester, your student received a packet from our office, containing several pieces of information. Included in that packet was information regarding your student’s status within the Keystone program, as well as privileges or restrictions for this semester. If you or your student have questions regarding this information, be sure to contact our office for clarification.

To get the semester started, the dorms open on January 28, and classes begins Wednesday, January 29. Our first mandatory meeting of the spring semester will be held on Monday, February 3 at 10 a.m.  This meeting is intended to address spring schedule issues, inform the students of upcoming events, plan weekly and bi-monthly meetings with Keystone counselors, and celebrate February birthdays.  We will have a program-wide meeting each month to touch base with the students and celebrate birthdays. In April, we are planning a special event for our monthly meeting. Be on the lookout for details!

A wonderful opportunity that we will present to the students during our first meeting on February 3 is the Keystone Study Skills course: UNI 197. This course is designed to facilitate and promote collegiate approaches to enhance study, test taking and paper writing skills. This is an incredible opportunity open only to Keystone students. If your student is interested in participating in this pass/fail course, please encourage them to speak to a Keystone counselor.

The last day to add a class is Wednesday, Febraury 5, and the last day to drop (where it does not appear on the transcript) is Wednesday, February 12.

A few events to note:

- Homecoming is Febraury 20-22. Check this link for a schedule of events:

- We are in the planning stages of our annual etiquette dinner that will take place in early March (date TBA). This is traditionally a favorite event for our students.

Be sure to check the website for regular updates and calendar information.

We are looking forward to another semester of serving your students!

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