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To pay your application fee* or deposit online, please provide us with the following information. After submitting this form, you will be able to choose your method of payment.

Degree Chosen Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Fee to Pay*
(all fees are non-refundable)
Acceptance into Program Deposit (BSN-DNP: Anesthesia) ($1000)
Acceptance into Program Deposit (Post-Master's DNP) ($800)
Acceptance into Program Deposit (RN-DNP/BSN-DNP: NP and EL) ($300)
Alternate Deposit (BSN-DNP: Anesthesia) ($1000)
Alternate Deposit (Post-Master's DNP) ($800)
Alternate Deposit (RN-DNP/BSN-DNP: NP and EL) ($300)
Application Fee ($50)
RN-DNP General Education Deposit ($200)

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