Fall 2006 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Jeannette Russ, Zack Jackson, Joshua Shrewsberry, Jeremy Sullivan "Autonomous Robot Design"
  • Dr. Jan Wilms and Matthew Dawson "Enhancing the Navigation of Window's Open/Save Dialog Boxes"
  • Dr. Sally Henrie, Wesley Stepp, Sarah Conway "Further Development and Refinement of Procedures for Dendritic Percursors' Crystal Structure and Branched Chiral Adsorbents"
  • Dr. Marlyn Newhouse, Dr. Sally Henrie, Alydia Murray "Feasibility Study of a Web Based Fundamentals of Chemistry Course Using a Green Chemistry Approach to Laboratory Experiments"
  • Dr. Haifei Li and David Moses "Creation of an Online Pronunciation Dictionary Using Open Source Software"
  • Dr. Joshua Veltman and Kelly Grover "Eyes, Ears, and Brains: Empirical Testing of Hypotheses Concerning the Perception of Color and Sound"

    Grants for Dissemination of Completed Research Projects:
  • Professor Mary Anne Poe and students "Fallen Through the Cracks: Repairing TennCare for Mental Health Consumers"
  • Dr. Theresa Blakley and students "Closing the Gap on Sex Offenders: Advocating for HB 2605"
  • Dr. Kyle Hathcox and Rob Krauss "Investigating, Developing, and Measuring MRI Phantoms for Chronically Transfused Sickle-Cell Patients"


Spring 2007 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Sallie Henrie "Further Development and Refinement of Procedures for Branched Chiral Adsorbents"

  • Dr. Sean Evans "Metropolitan Government in Madison County"

  • Mr. Roger Stanley "Critical Essays and Creative Work"