Fall 2008 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Randy Johnston and Ellis Easterling "Alcohol Oxidation with Metal-Quinone Complexes"
  • Dr. Andy Madison and Daniel Cathey "Use of Cougar Urine in Scent Station Surveys for Assessing Mammal Populations and the Presence of Cougars in Tennessee"
  • Dr. James Huggins, Dr. Marc Lockett and Brian Bodnarchuk "The Establishment of a Non-Host Dependent Laboratory Colony of Hippoboscid Flies (Diptera, Hippoboscidae) for the Enzymatic Analysis of Salivary Proteins"
  • Dr. Mark Bolyard and Hannah Henson "Assessment of the Thrombin Recognition Sequence and its Effects of Insertion into the Green Fluorescent Protein"
  • Dr. Andy Madison and Will Hayden "An Investigation into the Effects of Creatine Monohydrate Supplement on Athletic Performance, Body Weight, and Liver Function in Rats"
  • Dr. Jan Wilms and Mikias Seid "Interactive Display of Historical Computers"

Spring 2009 Undergraduate Research Recipients

  • Dr. Carol Weaver and David Tosh "Screening for Francisella tularensis in West Tennessee populations of the American Beaver (Castor canadensis) by the Polymerase Chain Reaction"

  • Dr. Marc Lockett and Jesse Daigle "Establishment of Parameters for Growth and Maintenance of Sf9 Insect Cells in Culture"

  • Kenny Holt and Mitchell Holt "The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on the Funding of Allowance for Loan Loss Accounts at Financial Institutions"

  • Dr. Andy Madison and Nathan Chatham "Effects of Bitter Melon on Hyperglycemia in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Mice"

  • Dr. James Huggins and John Hawley "Mortality Rates of the Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina) Following Relocation from Natal Home Range"

  • Dr. Mark Bolyard and Danielle Blackstone "Regeneration of Swietenia and Khaya Mahogany Species by Leaf Tissue Cultures"