Fall 2010 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Andy Madison and Faris Bakeer "Energetics of Seeds and Food Preferences in Northern Bobwhite Populations During Autumn Months"
  • Dr. Marc Lockett and Micah Thomas "The Effects of Caffeine on the Liver of a Mouse"
  • Dr. G. Jan Wilms and Grayson Hardaway "Creation of Robotic Hand that Can Perform (a subset of) Sign Language of Spoken Input Using Lego Mindstorms and Speech Recognition"
  • Dr. Marc Lockett and Audrey Garneau "Effects of Toxoplasma gondii Infection on the Behavior of Mice (Mus musculus)
  • Dr. Mark Bolyard and Carrie Moore "Identification of Gibberellic Acid Induced Bacteria in European Aspen Shoot Tip Cultures"
  • Dr. Mark Bolyard and Carson Rider "Development of a Tool to Test for Anticoagulant Capabilities Against Factor Xa and Thrombin"
  • Dr. Jennifer Gruenke and Hunter Price "The Effect of the Immune System on Stress-Related Psychiatric Disorders: Does a Th2 Immune Response Cause Anxiety in Mice?"
  • Dr. J.R. Kerfoot and Thomas Duncan "Ontogenetic Scaling of the Feeding Mechanism in Pike Killfish (Belonesox Belizanus)
  • Dr. J.R. Kerfoot and Aaron Davidson "Testing the Link Between Diet and Phenotypic Plasticity in the Feeding Mechanism of Lepomis Microlophus"

 Fall 2010 Graduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Sean King and Erica Rogers "Evaluation of a Brief Student Pharmacist-Directed Intervention Based on Social Cognitive Theory to Improve Knowledge of Over-the-Counter (OTC) Pain Medications Among Adolescents"
  • Dr. Kelly Harden and Lisa Medlin "Osteoporosis: Should We Screen Earlier?"


Spring 2011 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients