Fall 2012 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

  • James Kerfoot and Sarah Porter “It's a Stressful Life: Measuring the Stress Levels and Behavior of White Grunts from Hatchery-rearing to the Marketplace”

  • Michael Schiebout and Mark Kartzinel "Assessing the Effects of Priority Growth and Competition of Invasive Japanese Stiltgrass on Native Sweetgum"

  • G. Jan Wilms and Jamie Fox "Dawson's Dream"

  • Marc Lockett and Ryan Mantooth "The Effects of Beta-2-Glycoprotein-1 on Thrombin Production and Catalytic Activity"

  • Andy Madison and James Patrick Clark "Avian Communities Associated with Different Seral Successionary Stages after Clearcutting a Forest"

  • Jennifer Gruenke and Andrew DiBenedetto "Developing an Assay to Detect Fusion Between Splenocytes and Myeloma Cells"

  • Mark Bolyard and Megan Nettle "Regeneration of New Plant Tissue from Leaf Tissues of the African Mahogany"

  • Mark Bolyard and Robyn Reynolds "Determination of Growth Regulators in Khaya senegalensis Regeneration"

  • Sally Henrie and Samantha Howard "Incorporating Green Chemistry Principles into Development of AP-Level Labs for Qualitative Analysis, Redox Titration, and Enthalpy of a Reaction"

  • G. Jan Wilms and Dillon Lisk "The Application of Swivel to Remote Photography"

 Fall 2012 Graduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Sean King and Lacie Hatcher "The Influence of Source Credibility on Trust and Belief Strength of Health Care Information
  • Andrew Tiger and Landon Preston "The Significance of Online Course Use as a Predictive Variable for Alumni Giving at Union University"