Fall 2003 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Howard Newell and Justin Butcher: "An Analysis of The Economic Consequences of the Peace based upon Keynes' 'True Beliefs' Established During His Formative Years"

  • Dr. Sean Evans, Rachel Haskins and Jenny Buffington: "Whither the Southern Democrat?: Democratic and Republican Prospects in Tennessee"

  • Dr. Cindy Jayne and Katherine Sorrell:  "Current Issues Faced by 'Third Culture Kids'"

  • Dr. Chris Blair and Trae Cadenhead: "Within a Room Somewhere: A Film"

  • Dr. Don Van, Christina Johnson and Stephen Yzaguirre: "Revisit the Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle for Efficiency Enhancement"

Spring 2004 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Sallie Henrie, Carolyn Morton, and Marianne Barnett: "Determination of the X-Ray Crystal Structure and Chiral Selector Bonding Capacity of a Bi-Directional Dendrimer with Carboxylic Acid Termini"

  • Dr. Darin White and Clovis Simas: "Critical Commonalities of the High Performing Church: An Empirical Investigation of the Link Between Church Governance Structure and Market Orientation"