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Academics FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions . . . About Your Spring Classes

Attempts are being made by faculty to call students to address question about resuming the Spring 2008 semester. The following questions have been answered. Students may address other questions in direct conversation with the faculty member who will be calling.

1. Will my classes meet on the same schedule as before?

Your TR classes will meet on the same 75 minute schedule as before. However, in order to make up the missed class time because of the storm your MWF classes will now meet on Mondays and Wednesdays for 75 minutes instead of 50 minutes. On selected Fridays you will meet either your MW classes or your TR classes for 75 minutes. Labs will continue to meet on the day they were originally scheduled (including Friday labs), however the times for the MWF labs may be different. For example, a lab originally scheduled for 2:00 p.m., will meet at 3:00 p.m. (See the modified schedule for the for those time changes.) On certain Fridays, the only events scheduled are Friday labs and chapel. In other words, apart from those two events, you will be free to do other things on some Fridays!

The modified schedule and a calendar for the spring semester is available on the web at http://www.uu.edu/recovery/. Banners displaying the new schedule will be posted all around the campus, including The Jett. Hard copies will be available at Union Station. If you have additional questions about the modified schedule, please do not hesitate to call Union Station at (731) 668-1818.

Nursing students will not be affected by the change in schedule. Please contact the School of Nursing at (731) 661-5029 for specific details about nursing class and clinical schedules.

Germantown classes are not affected by this schedule change.

2. Have the locations for any of my classes changed?

Yes, if you were taking a class in Jennings Hall, that class has been moved to another location-with the exception of applied music lessons. Applied lessons will continue to be offered in Jennings. For the new location of all other Jennings classes, please see Classroom Reassignments.

3. I'm in a music or communication arts class that will be meeting off campus. What if I am late for my next class?

Professors are aware that some students will now be commuting from a greater distance. Please let your professor know if you will be traveling from one of the off-campus sites and could possibly be detained.

4. How does the new schedule affect evening classes?

Evening classes will resume on Wednesday, February 20. Classes missed because of the storm will be made up. Please check the modified schedule or the calendar for specific information regarding make-up dates.

Students in the adult studies programs should check with program directors for information about those classes.

5. I'm planning to enroll in an accelerated class during the second half of the semester. What will that schedule be?

Please check the modified schedule.

6. Will the new class schedule impact my work schedule?

Possibly. With the switch to 75-minute classes, the amount of time you are in class on Mondays and Wednesdays will increase, causing you to get out later. (See the modified schedule.) Also, you will now be in class on selected Fridays.

7. Will we continue to have chapel?

Yes, we will hold chapel services on February 22, March 14, April 4, and May 9.

8. When is the last day to drop?

March 13

9. Will we still observe spring break?

YES! As scheduled, March 21-28!

10. When will final exams be?

The final exam schedule has not changed. Exams will begin on Monday, May 12, and conclude on Thursday, May 15, as scheduled.

11. Is graduation still scheduled for Saturday, May 17th?


12. How do I contact my professors whose offices were in Jennings Hall?

Music faculty will continue to be available in their Jennings Hall offices. Faculty in Communication Arts and Christian Studies have been relocated to other offices in either the PAC or White Hall. You may access a list with new office locations. Phone numbers for these faculty have not changed, and you can still access them via e-mail. Call Union Station at 668-1818 to be transferred to any faculty office.

13. What should I do if my textbooks were lost or damaged in the storm?

Faculty are aware that many students will be without textbooks and are preparing lessons accordingly. When you are contacted by phone by a faculty member, please indicate if you are missing any texts. A textbook drive has been initiated.

14. What should I do if my notes from my current classes were lost?

Your professors will arrange for notes to be distributed.

15. I still have other questions. Whom should I contact?

Contact Union Station (668-1818), one of your professors, or your advisor.

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