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Housing FAQs

The following FAQs reflect the most current information available regarding housing for the spring semester and will be updated as new information becomes available. Please check back often to keep up with the latest details.

General Housing

How do I order a new Dawg Tag?
Please stop by Safety & Security during regular business hours. Replacement cards will be free of charge.

When can I begin living in McAfee or The Jett?
Move-in day is currently set for Tuesday, February 19.

Will housing fees be refunded for the Spring Semester?
Students who have found their own alternate off-campus housing will receive a full refund for the spring semester, which they may credit to their account or donate all or a portion to Union's disaster relief fund. To receive a refund, students must complete this form and bring it to the Office of Residence Life. Students without a balance on their account will receive a refund check before the end of the semester.

Students placed with faculty or staff host families will receive a full refund for the spring semester which they may credit to their account or donate all or a portion to Union's disaster relief fund. To receive a refund, students must complete this form and bring it to the Office of Residence Life. Students without a balance on their account will receive a refund check before the end of the semester.

Will my scholarship cover housing off campus that I arrange for myself?
Those who have scholarships awarded by Union University to specifically cover room and board must remain in university assigned housing to receive that scholarship benefit.

Do I have to move out of McAfee?
No. However, the university is making every effort to accommodate students without transportation on campus. Current McAfee residents are being contacted individually to discuss their options.

Can I stay with my roommates?
The Residence Life staff is making every effort to keep roommates together when possible.

What do I do if I am moving out of McAfee and into The Jett?
Union can provide temporary housing for students moving out of McAfee on Sunday, February 17, and into The Jett on Tuesday, February 19. Please call 731-499-5109 to request free, transitional housing in a host home.

What if I want to move from McAfee to The Jett or The Jett to McAfee after I am assigned housing?
Once you commit to living in McAfee or The Jett you must remain in one of those complexes for the duration of the spring semester. However if space is available, you may be able to transfer between the two complexes.

The Jett

What is the cost of housing at The Jett?
Housing at The Jett will cost $1250 for the spring semester.

How many roommates will I have?
All rooms in The Jett will house 3 or 4 students.

Will I have my own room?
Students will share a room and bathroom with 2 or 3 other students. The Residence Life staff is making every effort to honor roommate requests submitted on the housing survey and make great new matches based on the student questionnaire.

What will be provided in the room?
Each student will be provided a regular-size twin mattress, a bunk bed, and a 4-drawer chest. Each room is also equipped with seating, a television, a small microwave, a small refrigerator, a landline telephone, a hairdryer, a shower curtain, window curtains, two lamps, and a shared closet. Due to space and electrical constraints, additional televisions, microwaves and refrigerators will not be permitted in The Jett.

Are there study or commons areas in The Jett?
Yes there are several great areas for community gatherings as well as study areas. In addition The Jett will house three computer labs.

What security measures are in place at The Jett?
The Jett will have its own fulltime security and the front desk will be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Director of The Jett, Mario Cobo (formally of Watters), will live on the premises. Additionally, there are 16 cameras currently monitoring exits.

Is The Jett a coed dorm?
Yes, but men and women will be housed on separate floors. Students will also follow Union University community values, as well as Residence Life guidelines.

Are the guidelines regarding curfew, open and non-open visitation the same as those on campus?
Yes, curfew and visitation policies are the same. Additional policies unique to The Jett will be provided in a handbook on move-in day.

How long will it take to get to The Jett from campus?
It will take 8-15 minutes depending on traffic.

How do I get to The Jett from Union?
From Union University Dr. turn right on the 45 Bypass. Exit onto I-40 East. Take the first exit, Exit 82A, onto North Highland. Go through the first light and The Jett will be almost immediately to the right. It is a Tudor-styles building set back from the road.

When can I check in?
We look forward to welcoming students to The Jett early on Tuesday, February 19. Check back for specific times and instructions.

Where do I check in?
Check-in will be in the main lobby on check-in day, Tuesday, February 19.

Will I have Internet access?
The Jett has wireless access in all student rooms. Also there will be 15 PCs and 5 Macs in computer labs at The Jett.

What will I need to get connected?
To access the Internet and the various Union-provided wireless services, students will need to have wireless on their laptop/desktop. If they do not have wireless built-in, then they will need to purchase an 802.11 b/g wireless adapter. These come in many varieties and can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Office Max, and Office Depot locally. The cost varies from $39-$79.

Will I have cable?
Yes, The Jett will have the same cable channels available as on campus.

How will I get to campus if I don't have a car?
Most (if not all) students placed at The Jett have their own transportation. However the university is still exploring possible shuttle service options at this time.

Where will I eat?
Students living at The Jet must maintain a campus meal plan. However, all meal plans will be moved to a 50 block plan ($395). Students may have a higher meal block plan if desired. Consult the student handbook for options and pricing. Additional updates on meal plans will be forthcoming.

What should I leave at home?
Hot plates, candles, pets, extension cords, TVs, microwaves, fridges, and additional furniture.

Can I live in The Jett this summer?
All summer housing will be on campus in McAfee.

Where will I wash my clothes?
The university is investigating the cost of a personal laundry service at The Jett.. Also, there is a laundry mat close by. More details on laundry service will be provided on move-in day.

What phone number can I give my parents?
Your room number at The Jet will be given to you at check-in.

Where will I park at the Jett?
Parking at the Jett will be VERY defined. Please follow the signage provided and look for more information on move-in day.

Where will I park on campus?
Students who reside at The Jett may park in any space currently available to residential students on campus.

Is there guest housing for my parents at The Jett?
Resident students will use all available housing at The Jett.

Once I move in where will I go for questions?
Mario Cobo (and his family) will be residing fulltime on the premises of The Jett. He will have office hours. In addition, the RA desk will be maintained during normal commons hours.

Will I have maid service or be able to order room service?
Nice try, but no.

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