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Meal Plan FAQs

What is the status of meal plans?

Regardless of housing arrangements, all students who lived on campus at the beginning of the spring semester must maintain a 50 block meal plan. It is our hope that continuing to bring people together for meals will create opportunities for community.

All students' meal plans for the spring semester will be credited back to their account. Union is absorbing the cost of all resident meals eaten through February 5. All residential students, with the exception of those in McAfee after February 19, will be reduced to a 50 block meal plan ($395). McAfee residents will be reduced to (or remain) on a 100 block meal plan ($785).

Stated differently, even if you moved into a host home or apartment, your original spring meal plan will be credited to you in full and a 50 meal plan will be applied to your account. This 50 meal block plan begins Wednesday, February 20, at breakfast. All McAfee residents as of February 19, will have a 100 Block Meal Plan.

What if I want more meals?

Students may upgrade their meal plan to any of the following options:

  • 100 Block Meal Plan $785
  • 150 Block Meal Plan $1180
  • 250 Block Meal Plan $1960

Please email Tina Giddens at tgiddens@uu.edu to upgrade your plan.

What if I run out of meals?

Students may purchase a supplemental 10-meal plan at any point in the semester for $78.50.

Are meals served at The Jett?

Continental Breakfast will be served Monday through Friday, 7-9 am at The Jett. Residents of The Jett may utilize use their meal plans for the continental breakfast as well as all meals served at Coburn and The Lexington Inn.

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