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Bulldog Spirit

Experience Bulldog Spirit at Union University through the eyes of Antoine Hall, Chase Tuggle, and Treasure Hightower.

EXTRA: Bulldog Beats

Learn more about the Bulldog Beats group that plays at various Union sporting events.

Helping Hands Up

Take a look at how a Day of Remembrance project is helping Hands Up!, a new Jackson preschool for at-risk children.

Strings To Come

Experience Union's new string quartet and get excited for the future of the music department as they work toward a full orchestra.

Barefoots Barista

Jesse Myers gives an inside look at serving as a barista at Barefoots Joe.

EXTRA: What's Inside The Cup?

Barefoots Joe Barista and Christian Studies major Jesse Myers explains the dynamics behind a good cup of coffee, from extraction theory to espresso, and the Spanish name for miele. Learn what's inside the cup!

Life Groups

Transitioning to college life can be difficult. Wil Sloan and Lauren Reeves share how Life Groups at Union University help make that transition smoother.

The Chapel Experience

Whitney Williams and Tremaine Baltimore describes what Union's chapel means to them.

First Day of Class

Follow Janie Barnhart as she experiences her first day of college class at Union.

Move-In Day

Follow incoming freshman Christian Leake as he transitions to life at Union.

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