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Pregnancy Policy

Union University believes strongly that God designed sexual activity to occur within the context of marriage. However, our policies also encourage an expecting mother to choose life should an unexpected pregnancy occur. Union University will not incentivize abortion. Therefore, unmarried students who are expecting will be permitted to continue their studies at Union. Although students cannot live in traditional on-campus housing as they begin their second trimester, Union will work with the mother (and father) to find off-campus housing after the first trimester. Housing costs will be pro-rated and refunded from the time off-campus housing is secured. For more details about our pregnancy policy, including expectations for BirthChoice counseling and the temporary resignation of leadership positions, please see the Dean of Students. Male or female students who have had a child, even if the child is no longer living with them, must meet with the Assistant Dean of Students before applying to live in Heritage or the Quads. However, they may reside in Warmath Family Housing (pending availability) without an interview. (November 2011)

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