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Teaching & Learning Grants

Take the initiative to enhance student learning and consider applying for a Teaching and Learning grant. These grants are designed to enhance student learning inside and outside of the classroom either by attending a conference, designing a new course, re-designing a current course or through a creative "other activities" idea.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Teaching and Learning Grant - Conference Attendance
    The Teaching and Learning Grant (Conferences) is for faculty to attend a conference that focuses on teaching and learning initiatives or faith integration.
    Deadline: October 3, 2014

  • Teaching and Learning Grant - Other Activities
    The Teaching and Learning Grant (Other) is for teaching/learning activities not related to conference attendance or course redesign/development.
    Deadline: October 3, 2014

  • Teaching and Learning Grant - Course Redesign/Development
    The Teaching and Learning Grant (Course Redesign/ Development) is for faculty members wanting to redesign an existing course or develop a new course. The award money can be used as a stipend or for project expenses. With approval of the department chair and dean, this grant could be used to pay an adjunct to teach a class and therefore provide release time for the faculty member.
    Deadline: October 3, 2014

2013-14 Recipients

Conference Attendance:

  • Nancy Cherry - Education
  • Bryan Dawson - Mathematics

Course Design/Redesign:

  • Jay Bernheisel and Georg Pingen - Engineering
  • Jim Kirk - Computer Science

Other Activities:

  • Nina Heckler - Sociology

2012-13 Recipients

Conference Attendance:

  • Cam Tracy - Communication Arts/Computer Science
  • Karen Martin - Languages
  • David Thomas - History
  • Emily Lean - Business Administration

Course Design/Redesign:

  • Jennifer Farroll - Athletic Training
  • Jason Crawford - English
  • Justin Barnard - Intellectual Discipleship and Chris Mathews - Music
  • Max Haifei Li - Computer Science
  • Christine Bailey - Composition Support/English

Other Activities:

  • James Huggins - Biology
  • Deidra Easley - Pharmacy

2011-12 Recipients

Conference Attendance:

  • Karen Miller - Business
  • Troy Riggs - Math
  • Ashley Blair - CommArts
  • Jean Marie Walls - Languages
  • Phillip Ryan - Languages
  • Julie Powell - PEWS

Course Design/Redesign:

  • Roman Williams - Sociology
  • Jan Wilms - Computer Science
  • Daniel Musselman - Music

Other Activities:

  • Ben Mitchell - Theology/Missions

2010-11 Recipients

  • Chris Blair
  • Kathie Chute
  • Matt Lunsford
  • Karen Martin
  • David Thomas
  • Roman Williams
  • Emily Lean
  • Justin Barnard
  • Troy Riggs
  • Joshua Veltman
  • Mary Anne Poe
  • Amy Williams
  • Ann Singleton

"Study is a specific kind of experience in which through careful observation of objective structures we cause thought processes to move in a certain way . . . When done with concentration, perception and repetition, ingrained habits of thought are formed."
-Richard Foster; Celebration of Discipline