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Interview with Julie Powell, Physical Education, Wellness and Sport - recipient of the Teaching and Learning Grant-Conference Attendance

Julie Powell

1. Briefly describe what you did with your Teaching and Learning Grant.

The teaching and learning grant allowed me to attend the National Recreation Facilities Institute in Birmingham, Alabama.

2. How was your teaching and your students’ learning enhanced by this grant?

The industry involved in designing and constructing sport facilities is ever-evolving and changing. Integrating technology into facilities, as well, as the current emphasis on environmental issues makes staying on the cutting edge important. By attending this course I had the opportunity to visit at length with architects and facility designers, as well as, visit new facilities to see what’s actually occurring in the field. Bringing these experiences back to the classroom allowed me to adjust my curriculum and update the areas that had not been modified in a while. Students’ learning is enhanced by the sharing of these experiences with the students. I often share with this class my desire to whisk them all away on a plane to go visit all these places in person. Since this is out of the realm of possibility, it is my desire to bring experiences back to the classroom to possibly plant a seed for students to visit facilities at a later time or to challenge them to be more observant about the facilities around them.

3. How did (or might) this grant award lead to other opportunities to further develop your teaching and enhance learning?

Each experience I have been given through a grant award only leads to a greater desire to attend more events and learn even more. Without grant awards such as the one that allowed to me to travel to Birmingham, my knowledge of the field might remain stagnant. Reading and research is great but interacting live with professionals in the field deepens all experiences with the content and allows it to come alive in a unique way. These experiences are then transferred to the teaching and learning in the classroom.


"Study is a specific kind of experience in which through careful observation of objective structures we cause thought processes to move in a certain way . . . When done with concentration, perception and repetition, ingrained habits of thought are formed."
-Richard Foster; Celebration of Discipline