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Interview with G. Jan Wilms, Computer Science - recipient of the Teaching and Learning Grant-Course Redesign/Development

G. Jan Wilms

1. Briefly describe what you did with your Teaching and Learning Grant.

It helped me design a new course – CSC200 Digital Media Programming, which focuses primarily on the burgeoning field of mobile device programming (tablets and smart phones).

2. How was your teaching and your students’ learning enhanced by this grant?

The challenge with designing this course was twofold: teaching the principles without committing to a specific platform (iOS vs Android) and making it accessible to students with little or no programming background. The grant helped me research the different options and investigate platform-neutral visual languages like Flash Air and AppInventor.

3. How did (or might) this grant award lead to other opportunities to further develop your teaching and enhance learning?

Currently this course is intended for Digital Media Studies majors, but we have had interest from other students and are considering creating a section just for CS majors, with a more heavy programming emphasis.


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