Read the Bible for Life Conference


Many people have noted the alarmingly low level of biblical literacy not only in our culture but within the church itself. For individuals and churches to be healthy we must know and understand the Scriptures well. How can we be more effective ourselves and in training others to study the Bible? What resources are available for personal and small group use? Perhaps you could simply use some encouragement and inspiration to continue or deepen your own study of God’s word. These issues and more will be addressed at the Ryan Center’s fifth bi-annual conference "Read the Bible for Life."

We are blessed to have an amazing group of Bible teachers with us this year. It will be an excellent opportunity for training pastors, Sunday school teachers, Bible study leaders and anyone who wants to read the Bible well. Our desire is to provide tools that might enhance the reading and studying of the Bible in the churches that we might know more of its life-giving power and see a renewal among us.