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2011 Theme
Fifth Annual Education Research Forum

Fifth Annual Education Research Forum

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The Union University School of Education's Annual Research Forum brings together educators, researchers, teacher candidates and pre-service teachers for two days in order to raise positive and constructive discussions about educational issues. This year's theme, Transforming Education for Diverse and Urban Learners, focuses research, presentations, and discussion on holistic ways to think about teachers and learners. Diversity and urban education demand attention paid to community, student, and educator in order to produce wholly engaged, achieving learners. To that end, we recognize the importance of research-based instructional strategies, theory grounded discussions, and original research presentations. We welcome these kinds of discussions and presentations that will advance thinking about education beyond achievement and mandates.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Thomas R. RosebroughDr. Thomas R. Rosebrough is Executive Dean of the College of Education and Human Studies at Union University and University Professor of Education. He is lead author for the book, Transformational Teaching in the Information Age: Making Why and How We Teach Relevant to Students, published by ASCD in 2011. Tom has taught at all levels, from elementary school through college, from undergraduate through doctoral education. He has taught public school, state university students, and private university students. Dr. Rosebrough has published articles in state journals in educational leadership, national journals including The Teaching Professor, articles in two Canadian web journals, a book chapter and frequent columns in various newsletters and newspapers. He has been honored for his university teaching and scholarship, and has presented locally, nationally, and internationally. Tom holds the Ph.D. from Ohio State University. Under his leadership, Union's School of Education, the university's largest academic unit, has been nationally accredited and honored for its learning community of ethical and moral dimensions, expanded from Jackson to the Germantown and Hendersonville campuses, strengthened its elementary education program, and added six graduate programs including the doctor of education and the master of urban education. The latter degree is a part of the Memphis Teacher Residency program, an innovative program for the preparation of teachers to serve the urban schools of Memphis, TN.

Anissa ListakAnissa Listak has over 15 years of experience in the private and non-profit sectors. Before founding UTRU in 2007, Anissa worked at the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) as Director of Development & Community Relations, where she experienced success in raising several million dollars for their Residency program. Prior to joining AUSL, Anissa worked for City Year, and helped to bring the organization from a $1 million deficit to a surplus through board development, organizational capacity building, marketing efforts and a comprehensive citywide effort to raise awareness of City Year's work. She has direct experience in business and non-profit development, organizational capacity building, fundraising, strategic planning and board development. Anissa has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Dayton and a Master of Science in Public Service Management from DePaul University. As Executive Director, Anissa directs the daily operations of UTRU, as well as national fundraising efforts, policy and advocacy, and network development.