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Presentation Evaluation


Goal of Presentation:


Opening      ( ____points possible)                                   Earned ________
Did presenter effectively gain attention of audience?
Topic appropriate for this audience?
Presentation effectively "framed," i.e., parameters established?

Body of presentation    (_____points possible)            Earned _______
Presentation remain focused clearly on topic?
Logical points developed to support topic?
Presentation follow a logical, effective sequence?
Sufficient evidence presented to support speaker's point of view?
Appropriate props, visual aids, utilized?

Closing      (______points possible)                            Earned ________
Essential points effectively summarized?
Presentation end on a strong closing statement or question?

Vocal Qualities    (______points possible)                Earned _________
Pitch?                    Volume?
Rate?                    Articulation?
Tone?                    Vocal variety?

Non-verbal Qualities    (_______points possible)    Earned _________
Facial expression?        Gestures?
Eye contact?                Use of notes?

Additional Comments:

                                           TOTAL SCORE:


Source:  Lyons, Kysilka, Pawlas, The Adjunct Professor's Guide to Success, Allyn & Bacon, Needham Heights, MA, 1999.



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