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A Rating Scale to Assess Teamness


1.  Cooperation: "Team members work well together."          
2.  Communication: "Our ability to give and receive necessary information is one of our strengths."          
3.  Goals: "Goal setting is truly a team activity."          
4.  Creativity: "Innovation is encouraged and rewarded."          
5.  Conflict: "Disagreements are faced up to and fully worked  through."          
6.  Support: "Praise and recognition are given enthusiastically."          
7.  Mutual respect: "Team members show appreciation to one another and avoid sarcasm and put-downs."          
8.  Commitment: "Everyone is dedicated to furthering team goals."          
9.  Atmosphere: "The climate is such that people are willing to put forth their best effort."          
10.Cohesion: "Team members see themselves as a tight-knit group."          
11.Pride: "People feel good about being a team member."          
12.Decisions: "Everyone has the fullest opportunity to participate in decisions that affect the group."          
13.Openness: "Everyone is encouraged to say what is on his/ her mind without fear of reprisal."          
14.Trust: "Team members feel that no one in the group will take advantage of them in any way."          
15.Assessment: "The team  reviews its own functioning regularly on a frank and open basis."          
16.Identification: "I feel that I am treated as a full member of this team and feel very much part of it."          
17.Leadership: "Our team leader is a key to our effectiveness."          
18.Feedback to leader: "The boss is very open to suggestions about the improvement of his/her performance."          
Source: Julius E. Eitington. The Winning Trainer, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002.

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-Dietrich Bonhoeffer; The Cost of Discipleship