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Department of Political Science


The Department seeks to develop leaders who will improve their communities, nations, and the world. Whether you desire to make an impact domestically or globally in government/politics, business, education, the law, or non-profit work, political science at Union University can help you achieve your goals.

While political science is the study of government, political attitudes and behavior, and public policy, it is so much more. It is also the study of people, their motives, their values, their relations with others, and the best way for individuals and groups to achieve their political goals. In short, it is about making the world a better place.

Moreover, Political Science is one of the most interdisciplinary academic disciplines due to its impact on and connection to law, religion, economics, the media, ethics, culture, and philosophy. Political Science touches on every aspect of our lives and the people around us. It prepares and trains us to make a difference in the world.

The comprehensive nature of the discipline in addition to its emphasis on developing your analytical, communication, leadership, and research skills prepares you to be a catalyst of change.

We hope that you will consider joining the ranks of our political science students. Our graduates are actively making a difference locally, in Washington, DC, and in the world. They are working for and to elect candidates both locally and nationally, securing our nation through military and government service, serving our community as attorneys, leading business organizations, helping the disadvantaged both here and abroad, and training the next generation of leaders in our schools.