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Computer Guidelines

Whether you already have a computer or you may be getting one, here are some helpful questions and answers to assist you.

If you are buying a computer, be aware that students and employees are eligible to obtain academically discounted computers, accessories and software for personal use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any technology all Union students are required to have?

There is no requirement that all Union students have a computer.

Students are welcome to use the central labs provided on the Jackson and Germantown campuses. Many students have a personally-owned laptop, tablet or desktop.

Any student needing to create/modify/save a document using a university computer will need a USB drive or internet-based storage.

If you are bringing computer equipment for use in a resident apartment, be sure to get a power strip with surge protection.

If you plan to use the wired network port in a resident apartment, you will need an Ethernet network cable. You can get one at Walmart, Target, etc. If you encounter any issues with the network port not working, please contact the IT Help Desk.

Please be aware that Union does not allow personally-owned wireless access points to be installed on the university network.

Is there any university preference for Windows vs. Mac?

Most of Union’s university-owned computers are Windows PCs and the others are Macs. Some academic departments use one platform exclusively, while others have a mix of both. If you are fairly sure what your major will be, you may want to contact members of your academic department in case they have recommendations for hardware or software. You can find a list of departments and employees here.

Does Union have any special discounting with computer companies?

We do not recommend any specific brand of computer. When shopping, be sure to ask about academic discounting and the length of the warranty. If you plan to use the computer at least four years, you may want to ask about an extended warranty.

Will my existing computer be OK for use in Union’s residence complexes?

See common technical specifications here.

Are there payment options other than those offered by the companies?

Students: Contact Union’s Student Financial Planning office (731-661-5015) to determine if a computer purchase can be covered by financial aid.

Employees: Contact Union’s Human Resources office (731-661-5220) regarding payroll deduction for personally-owned technology purchases.

If I need a .edu e-mail address to get a discount, when will I get my Union e-mail account?

Students: Your accounts are generally created within two working days of your class enrollment in the university’s student database. Learn more.

Employees: Your network account is generally created just before employment begins. Learn more.

If I want to purchase before I have a Union e-mail address, what can I do?

Some companies may require some form of verification of enrollment. Incoming students who what to purchase from any academic hardware/software supplier may obtain verification of Union enrollment at Union Station (731-661-5000) if needed.

What software is recommended, such as anti-virus software?

If you are looking for academic pricing on software (or free software), find it here.

How do I reduce problems with my personally-owned computer?

Periodically install security patches on a PC via the Start menu using All Programs, Windows Update; on a Mac, go to the Apple menu and select Software Update.

See the previous question to learn about anti-virus software. Be sure to keep your anti-virus software up to date.

If you are using Union’s Moodlerooms system (online.uu.edu), we recommend the Firefox browser.

If I'm having problems with my personally-owned computer, who can help?

If your computer is still under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer.

If it is out of warranty, you can contact local computer repair companies.

The local student chapter of ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) provides inexpensive computer support. Contact Dr. Haifei 'Max' Li in the Computer Science department - office C-48 - 731-661-5577 - hli@uu.edu - www.ComputerOilChange.com

What policies apply to use of technology at Union?

See www.uu.edu/it/policies/aup.cfm

Updated June 6, 2013

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