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Union University defines mobility as access to resources you need, regardless of location or device. This includes smartphone/tablet access as well as remote access through a laptop/desktop. Note: If you use settings or apps listed here, please understand Union University is not able to provide technical support for your personally-owned device.

Mobility tips and tools for IT-provided services are centralized here. Tap/click any heading below to expand it and learn more.

Mobile apps - Ellucian GO, Tegrity, LiveStream, Zoom, more

Ellucian Go is a mobile-device application (app) that provides free and convenient access to University information and services. Ellucian Go is available for supported Android, Apple iOS and Amazon Kindle devices.

Tegrity is used by Union faculty members to share audio/video resources online, often in association with academic courses. Get the Tegrity app for your device here.

  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Other devices may be able to view Tegrity content without installing an app.

LiveStream allows you to participate in selected Union events broadcasted live via the internet. Get video/audio for chapel, commencements, graduations and more. Get the LiveStream app for your device here.

Zoom Cloud Meetings allows you to participate in webinars led by Union employees/students or by organizations outside the University. Get the Zoom app for your device here.

Device settings for Union email access

If your device's native email app provides Microsoft Exchange email support, you can set it up to connect to your Union-provided email account.

Student email access - See New Student FAQs on the IT web site

Employee email access - See Employee-only FAQs on the IT portal site
(If you need help, learn how to log into the portal.)

Wireless service on Union campuses

Visit IT's Networking & Connectivity page for information about Union's on-campus wireless and internet services.

Access to Union services, by device type

For each service in the left column, the table indicates service availability on each kind of device.

  • A green box indicates the service is available on that device.
  • A yellow box indicates limited availability.
  • A red box indicates the service is not available.
  • A number in a box references a note at the bottom of the table.
Service Description Smart
Tablet Laptop/
UU email access See Device Settings above for smartphone and tablet setup 1. 1. 1.
Portal Single point of access for classes, mid-term and final grades, financial info and more at portal.uu.edu

Learn more here
2. 2. 2.
Ellucian Go app Campus maps, important phone numbers, event/news feeds, courses, registration and more

Learn more here
3. 3.  
File storage Access files on your Union-provided storage space 4. 4. 4.
UU Alerts University-wide communication sent as text messages.

Sign up here
5. 5. 5.
Password Change your Union password at any time at password.uu.edu      
Helpdesk Get answers and help for UU tech issues at help.uu.edu 6. 6. 6.
Buying software Get great academic discounts on a variety of programs.

Learn more here
Printing Print a file stored on your device using a UU PawPrint printer.

Learn more here
7. 7.  
Ellucian Colleague
(approved employees only)
Use portal.uu.edu or ui.uu.edu     8.
Viewing selected live university events Jackson-campus chapel services and other selected events will be available live via LiveStream. 9. 9. 9.
Webinars Participate in Union-led online meetings using Zoom 10. 10. 10.

Notes for the table above (last updated 4/24/2015):

  1. For mobile devices, view student information (IT website) or employee-only FAQs (portal). For laptops/desktops, use Microsoft Outlook (Windows, Mac), Apple Mail or portal.uu.edu
  2. Your device should be able to access portal.uu.edu
    • When using an Android tablet, for better results use Firefox or Chrome instead of the standard Internet/Browser app. Firefox may not resize multi-column pages well.
    • Android browsers may have problems opening documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) inside the portal.
    • Preferred laptop/desktop browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox (Windows, Mac), Safari for Mac, and Google Chrome (Windows, Mac). Some resources/services may work better in one browser compared to another.
  3. Ellucian Go is available for Android smartphones/tablets, iPhones, iPads and Amazon Kindle tablets.
  4. Employees: Use files.uu.edu to access network drives/files
  5. It is possible to sign up for UU Alerts on this device. Alerts are sent to a destination (including a non-smart phone) that can receive SMS (text) messages.
  6. You can also email us from your uu.edu address at help@uu.edu, call us at 731-661-HELP (4357) or visit us in room D-22 on the Jackson campus or office 213 on the Germantown campus.
  7. Your device should be able to access printing.uu.edu. It may display the PawPrint status page first.
    • iPhone, iPad - You can access the PawPrint status page to view your print/copy balance and you can redeem card you purchased for more prints/copies. Currently can only choose a photo/image file to print, but those file types are not supported by PawPrint.
    • Android - PawPrint works on Android tablets running later versions of the operating system. You can select files stored on the device to upload to the PawPrint queue. PawPrint may work on other Android devices/versions/browsers.
  8. The device must have Microsoft Silverlight installed.
  9. See Mobile apps - LiveStream above
  10. See Mobile apps - Zoom Cloud Meetings above

Cellular-service discounts for Union students and employees

As a Union University student or employee, you may be eligible for a discount on your cellular device service. Due to the privacy of this information, it is maintained in the University portal.

iPad initiatives

Faculty initiatives

  • Union University encourages its full-time and part-time faculty to improve teaching and learning through the use of technology. To support this goal, Information Technology has a pool of university-owned iPads for use by faculty members. An iPad can be checked out on a short-term basis for investigation of its academic use. To request an iPad please submit this loan application form, which is also found in the portal's Employee Forms & Documents library.

Student initiatives

  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) - All M.Ed. students receive an iPad upon entry into the program. Learn more.

General security tips

Here are some tips to keep your mobile device secure. Please help us protect the privacy of all those associated with the university.

  • Keep your device physically secure
  • Set up a passcode or lock code
  • Avoid storing sensitive or personally identifiable information on your device
  • Disable services you don't use such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Change your Bluetooth default password
  • Download from and link to only trusted sources. Don't open attachments from unknown sources
  • If available, consider adding anti-virus software
  • Enable storage encryption
  • Keep your firmware and application software patched
  • If your device is lost, report it immediately
  • Use find-my-device services or apps such as android.com/devicemanager or Apple's Find My iPhone
  • Enable 'Remote Wipe' services
  • Remove all data from your device before disposing of it

Device types tested

This page is mainly focused on smartphones and tablets. IT tests Android devices and Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). Other kinds of devices may have similar capabilities. Where appropriate, laptop/desktop remote-access methods are listed.

Other Union-related resources

You will find useful links in the QuickLinks section on this page. Depending on your device, it will appear on the right or bottom of the page.

In addition to the links that are always displayed on the QuickLinks section, you can access others by expanding the QuickLinks' Student Resources or Employee Resources headers.

More Union links are available on these Resource pages.

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