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Christian Periodical Index from Ebsco

Christian Periodical Index® provides indexing for evangelical Christian journals providing both article and review indexing. Current indexing includes over 140 titles back to 1976. Its equivalent product, the paper version, has indexing back to 1956. An ongoing project of retrospective indexing continues to add indexing back to the earliest years of the index.

The index contains over 194,500 articles and over 116,000 reviews. A majority of the journals indexed are unique titles to CPI. Of the current titles indexed, 38 are peer-reviewed journals and 86 are academic titles. Although religion, theology, biblical studies and pastoral theology are prominent subjects in the journals indexed, it also tries to provide journals in the disciplines of science, literature, medicine, music, philosophy, history, sociology and education which put forth a Christian worldview. Some of the titles indexed include, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Leadership, Journal of Christian Nursing, Hymn, Bible and Spade, Discipleship Journal, Group, Youthworker, Journal of Psychology and Theology, Journal of Psychology and Christianity, Weavings, Worship Leader, etc. Coverage is representative of the major doctrinal positions within evangelical Christianity. The index is owned and indexed by the Association of Christian Librarians.

Union Faculty and Students may also access the Christian Periodical Index® using the library’s Databases, E-Books & Media link.

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