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Miranda Lindsey works as a student teacher at Medina Elementary

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Negotiating Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0

November 10, 2008 - Union students and faculty recently enjoyed an enriching time within the context of EDU 250—Instructional Technology for the Classroom taught by Dr. Anna Clifford. Building a teaching-learning environment by focusing on the use of Web 2.0 tools was the theme of a series of presentations by an invited lecturer, Dr. Michael M. Grant, Associate Professor of Instructional Design and Technology-The University of Memphis.

Lecture and discussion were held throughout the day of October 23rd led by Dr. Grant as he negotiated teaching and learning with Web. 2.0. He sought to answer three questions: (a) How does learning occur? (b) What’s teaching and learning like with Web 2.0? And (3) What are the challenges to using Web 2.0? The guest lecturer provoked thinking with statements like, “Web 2.0 isn’t a thing . . . It’s a state of mind.” Dr. Grant contrasted mental models of problem solving that emphasize the ways we think things should work with Web 2.0 as small, niche tools created to accomplish tasks.

It was a good day filled with wikis, currikis, and weeblies, varieties of tools and models to enhance teaching and learning for classrooms of the present and the future.

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