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Miranda Lindsey works as a student teacher at Medina Elementary

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Doctoral Students Participating in Leadership Research Seminar

July 28, 2009 -

The Leadership Research Seminar, provides students opportunity to demonstrate clear understanding of the interrelated nature of the experiences from the educational leadership courses in their doctoral program through critical discourse on contemporary issues. The seminar series serves as experimental ground for creating a scholarly community among doctoral students while they explore communication essentials, such as evaluating research articles, writing academic pieces, and examining effective presentation skills. At the conclusion of the seminar series, doctoral candidates complete a Qualifying Paper, a substantial critical analysis of the theoretical and empirical literature related to educational leadership, which may or may not be related to the student’s dissertation topic. In a Symposium setting on June 15, 16, and 22, students on both the Jackson and Germantown Campuses presented their Qualifying Papers to an audience of their peers, Dissertation Chairs, Program Directors, and the Dean.

Jackson Doctoral Candidates:

  • Patricia Price-----The Effect of State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten Programs on School Readiness
  • LaJuana Hamer—The Impact of Transitioning from Middle School to High School and Teachers’ Perception on Ninth Grade Students’ Academic Growth in Mathematics
  • Jonathan Kee—The Effect of Block Scheduling in the High School Setting
  • Jamie Sanders—Effectiveness of After-School Programs: A Look at Middle School After-School Programs
  • Chima Abakwue—A Comparative Study of Student Achievement Between Year-Round Schools and Traditional Calendar Schools in Tennessee
  • Sondra Kiser—The Reliability of DIBELS as a Predictor of Reading Success
  • Anna Ogburn—Effectiveness of Freshman Transition Programs
  • Tanchonika Harris—Effects of Certified and Non-Certified Teachers on Seventh and Eighth Grade Students’ Mathematics Performance and Gains
  • Justin Barden—The Overall Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten Educational Programs for the Success of Students
  • Chris Nye—Effective Discipline Techniques: The Relationship Between School Board Discipline Policies, Suspension Rates, and Student Achievement

Germantown Doctoral Candidates:

  • Carolyn B. Ragland —The Impact of Poverty on the Academic Achievement of the Urban Student
  • Tarol P. Wells —Inclusion and Its Impact on Special Education Urban Middle School Student Achievement
  • Amy D. Smith —The Effect of Gender-Based Classrooms on Student Motivation in the Middle School Classroom
  • Demetria Monix-Goode—Implementing Interdisciplinary Literacy Strategies to Improve the Academic Achievement of 7th Grade Students in a West Tennessee Urban Middle School
  • Georgie R. Brown—Educational Leaders Creating Positive and Productive Parental Relationships
  • Deidre D. Jones—Parental Involvement During Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten and Its Influence on the Development of Early Literacy
  • Von W. Goodloe —Urban School Staffing and Retention: Human Resources’ Effect on Educational Outcomes
  • Tamika L. Carwell —The Impact of Small Middle School Learning Environments on Academic and Social Development of Over-age Middle School Students
  • Miranda L. Reyes —Evaluating the Effectiveness of Two Popular Anti-Bullying Programs at the Elementary Level
  • Tosha Y. Allen—The Impact of Professional Learning Communities on Teacher Effectiveness