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Education Professor Dr. Dottie Myatt Named Union University Faculty of the Year

May 9, 2007 - Union University School of Education Professor Dr. Dottie Myatt was named Union’s Faculty of Year on May 9th. The award was presented by Provost Carla Sanderson, who made the following presentation:

“The 2007-08 Faculty of the Year recipient is a master teacher. Our recipient sees learning as a relationship between teacher and student. A glance at this teacher’s schedule shows appointment after appointment each and every day where career counseling and mentorship is at work. Our recipient devotes time every day for email with students – all on top of a deep commitment to outstanding classroom interaction, primarily here on this campus but making classroom experiences possible for students literally around the world. Our 07-08 Faculty of the Year is a trusted and highly valued colleague by the Union University faculty. A leader among us in terms of learning and learning assessment – our recipient is involved at the state, national and international levels as a leader in matters of learning and program accreditation. Most of all, our recipient is a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ whose love for THE master teacher is contagious in this place. Please join me with your applause for the 2007-08 faculty of the year – Dr. Dorothy Woodard Myatt.”

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