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Welcome to the Environmental Stewardship Webpage. Union has a variety of ongoing efforts in environmental stewardship that positively impact the way students, faculty, staff, and the community view their created environment. Union has been working since 2009 to get the recycling program up and running, and to encourage sustainability across Union's campus. These efforts have saved the University financial resources and have improved the amount of participation in recycling in residence life and across campus. Our desire is to keep raising the numbers and find more ways to encourage participation in our sustainability events and programs.

We have four goals in our mission to serve the university and the community: Education, creation of the Campus Garden, Community Development, and Environmental Stewardship initiatives.

  1. Education:
    • The Office of Environmental Stewardship and the Office of University Ministries partners with Urban Farms Memphis for the BDC Memphis Go Trip, taking a group of 8 students and two faculty/staff on a week long Go Trip to work on the Urban Farm, tour the Central Nutritional Center, and learn about how farming can be an avenue for ministry and community service.
    • Environmental issues and ethics are taught in the curriculum across multiple disciplines including but not limited to: Honors, Biology, and the School of Theology and Missions.
  2. Campus Garden:
    • Through the creation of a the Union Community Garden project, Union students, faculty and staff join together to grow healthy organic food, learn about the importance of health and nutrition, learn practical hands on skills, and share food with neighbors in need.
    • The garden serves as a springboard for smaller garden plots in lower income communities in Jackson.
    • Professors may use work in the garden alongside class curriculum to provide hands on coursework for students and an invaluable learning environment.
  3. Community Development:
    • The Office of Environmental Stewardship seeks to encourage local partnerships whenever possible.
    • We seek to be proactive instead of reactive to the environmental and community issues in Jackson by partnering with organizations like RIFA, Jackson City Beautiful, Goodwill, Sunrise Recycling Company, Rose Creek Village Farms, Memphis City School Farms, Hartland Apartments, Urban Farms Memphis, and area churches.
  4. Environmental Stewardship Initiatives:
    • o The Office of Sustainability provides marketing and education for environmental stewardship, pursues sustainable options for university waste, encourages husbandry of the land and local resources, and informs the union community about issues affecting our daily lives in areas of health, waste, and environment.

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