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What Can Be Recycled?

What to Recycle Do: Don't:
Mixed Paper Office Paper Magazines or Glossy Paper
Envelopes Tissues, Paper Towels or Napkins
Colored Paper Wax Coated Containers
Newspaper (OJ containers or fast food cups)
Cereal Boxes/thin cardboard
Cardboard Corrugated cardboard Cardboard containing food debris (pizza boxes)
Plastic Resin 1 & 2 -the code is usually found on the bottom of the container Soda bottles Styrofoam
Laundrey detergent bottles Plastic with codes other than 1 or 2
Shampoo bottles Lids from fast food cups
Milk jugs
Grocery Bags
Aluminum Empty aluminum drink cans Food cans (most are tin)
Blue recycling bags can be found in the Bowld and Heritage Commons Buildings.
Please bag paper/cardboard separately from plastic and aluminum.
All recycling materials must be free from food or beverage debris. Please rinse out containers before recycling them.
When in doubt, throw it out! If you are unsure about whether something is recyclable, please place it in your trash bin
All bags should be placed under the stairwells for collection.

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