Keystone Program

About Union's Keystone Program

Some of Union’s most successful students started out with high school records that raised questions about their abilities to perform college-level work.

The purpose of Keystone is to support and facilitate a successful transition of selected students who may fall short of meeting regular admission requirements.

Our mission is to encompass and connect the academic achievement, personal strengths, values, goals, and faith for each student.

To achieve this mission, the Office of Academic Support puts together an individualized academic plan for each student for the first year.

What makes this plan work?

We start by developing and defining student needs. We work with parents, the student and the academic community to develop a roadmap for success. It’s a partnership that begins during the enrollment process and continues through the first year of the student’s enrollment.

The Keystone Program at Union produces impressive results:


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Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions
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Contact the Office of Academic Support
1050 Union University Drive
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