Pew Research Program

Master List of Former Pew Recipients

Year of Summer Research Name Department Title
1996 Randall Bush Christian Studies “Good and Bad Difference…”
1996 David McClune   Music “An Annotated Survey of Original Clarinet Concertos…”
1996 Bevalee Pray Business “Ethics, Morality, and Professionalism”
1996 John Harris English “The Electronic Mind…”
1997 David Gushee Christian Studies “The Moral Life in Christian Homiletics”
1997 Terry McRoberts Music “The Piano Works of Toru Takemitsu”
1997 David Thomas History “Frontier Religious Commitments: Religious  Participation in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, 1830-1860”
1998 Bobby Rogers English  “We Spend Our Years as a Tale that is Told:  The Practice and Theory of the Long Poem”
1998 David Thomas History  “To Seek, Suffer, and Trust:  Ascetic Devotion in a Modern Church”
1999 Karen Mulder Art “The Heidelberg Heiliggeistkirche Controversy”
1999 Paul Munson Music “The Aesthetics of Liszt’s Late Music”
2000 Terry McRoberts Music  “Messiaen’s Piano Music:  A Journey of Birdsong and Faith”
2000 Terry Lindley History “Southern Baptist Response to the Vietnam War”
2001 Lee Benson Art  “The Trinity as Proclaimed by Triptych Architecture and Altars”
2001 George Guthrie Christian Studies “Commentary on the Use of the Old Testament in Hebrews”
2001 Brad Green Christian Studies  “God and Creation in the Thought of Colin Gunton” 
2001 Matt Lunsford Math “The Ideas of Evariste Galois: Recovering Motivation in Abstract Algebra Through the Exploration of Original Sources”
2002 Wayne Wofford  Biology “A Critical Examination of the Evidence for the Chemical Evolution of Life”
2002 Tony Chiareli Sociology “The Forging of Political Resource Communities”
2002 Kina Mallard Communication Arts  
2003 Mark Dubis Christian Studies “New Creation: Exploration and Implications of a Biblical-Theological Motif”
2003 David Malone English “Versions of Love: Stories about Love, Loneliness, and Irony at the Dawn of the Twenty-first Century”
2004 Troy Riggs Math “The Origins of Hypothesis Testing: Recovering Scientific Reasoning in Statistical Pedagogy”
2004 Gene Fant English “Reading Christianly or Christians Reading? In Search of a Unified Theory of Christian Literary Criticism”
2004 Mark Dubis Christian Studies “First Peter in Recent Research”
2004 Terry McRoberts Music Années de Pèlerinage, Deuxième Année—Italie: An Informed Lecture Recital”
2005 Mark Dubis Christian Studies “A Semantic and Structural Analysis of 1 Peter 1:1-2:10”
2005 Hal Poe Christian Studies “The Problem of Love”
2005 David Gushee Christian Studies “The Sanctity of Life: An Evangelical Exploration”

2005 Gavin Richardson English “The Byzantine Anastasis: The Transfiguration of Romanitas
2006 Theresa L. Blakley Social Work “The Anatomy of Trauma and Faith”
2006 J. Daryl Charles Christian Studies “Retrieving Natural Law: A Return to Moral First Things”
2006 Kevin Cooney Political Science  “How the Powerful Think: Foreign Policy Making in Democratic Japan”

2006 Matt Lunsford Mathematics “Substitution Groups and Remarkable Subgroups”
2007 Theresa Blakley Social Work “The Trauma of Faith”
2007 Karen Martin Languages “Challenging Borders: The Demarcation of Space and Place in Isabel Allende’s House of the Spirits Trilogy”
2007 Darin White Business “Ethical Behavior and Christian Religiosity in Business Relationships: A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective”
2007 George Guthrie Christian Studies "Letter and Spirit: Discourse Analysis of a Pauline Conundrum”
2008 Judy Leforge History “The 19th Century Civil Rights Movement: The Black Church and Biblically-Inspired Activism”
2008 Brad Green Christian Studies “Understanding and the Cross—The Life of the Mind in Light of Christ and the Cross”
2008 David Austill Business “In the Development of American Law Have Jurists and Legislatures Moved Away from Christian Traditions and Virtues? Maybe Not”
2008 Mark Dubis Christian Studies Baylor Handbook on the Greek Text of 1 Peter
2009 Haifei Li Computer Science A PHP-based Web Frontend for a Molecular Dynamic Computational Software Package
2009 Matt Lunsford Mathematics Mere Maths: A Look at the Role of Mathematics in the Apologetic Writings of C.S. Lewis
2009 John Netland English Theorizing Faith, Culture, and Identity in the Fiction of Shusaku Endo
2009 Micah Watson Political Science Evangelical Political Thought and the Bible
2010 Shawn Okpebholo Music Guanya Pau: A Story of an African Princess, an Opera
2010 Stephen Carls History Weaving Together a Textbook on Twentieth-Century Europe: Wars from 1914 to 1945 and Religion throughout the Century
2010 David Thomas History Modern Christian Understandings of History
2010 Mark Bolyard Biology Regeneration of African Mahogany from Leaf Cultures
2011 Brad Green Theology & Missions Covenant and Command: Works, Obedience, and Faithfulness in the New Covenant
2011 Judy LeForge History Converted, Sanctified, and Called to Preach: Nineteenth Century Black Women Preachers
2012 Justin Barnard Theology & Missions In the Teeth of the Evidence: C.S. Lewis's Religious Epistemology
2012 Jason Crawford English Allegory and the Secular: The Limits of Literary Modernity
2012 Daniel Slater Business CEO Christian Values and Corporate Social Performance
2012 Roman Williams Sociology God's Global Professionals: International Students, Evangelical Christianity, and the Power of a Calling
2013 Keith Bates History Mainstreaming Fundamentalism: John R. Rice and the Reengagement of American Culture
2013 Brad Green Theology & Missions Reformation Commentary on Scripture
2013 Ben Phillips Education Determining the Cognitive Strategies of High-Performing Test-Takers on a College Readiness Math Assessment
2014 Jason Crawford English Shakespeare's Secular Voices
2014 Jennifer Gruenke Biology Explaining the Brain: A Biological Argument Against Reduction of the Mind to the Brain


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