Union University
Union University School of Education
Students listen and take notes in Dr. Rosebrough's class

Conceptual Framework


The mission of Union University, an academic community affiliated with the Tennessee Baptist Convention, is to provide Christ-centered higher education that promotes excellence and character development in service to Church and society in ways consistent with the following core values.

  • Union University must be excellence-driven.
  • Union University must be Christ-centered.
  • Union University must be people focused.
  • Union University must be future directed.

A teacher student dynamic of sensitivity , reflection and faith

The conceptual framework for Union’s Teacher Education Program is "A Teacher-Student Dynamic of Sensitivity, Reflection, and Faith." The conceptual framework which guides the Teacher Education Unit is derived from the institutional mission and is founded upon established and contemporary research, the wisdom of practice, and emerging education policies and practices. The framework shapes Union’s commitment to prepare its students to be highly effective classroom teachers.

Jill Brown