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Students at Union University have the opportunity to encounter God, experience community and engage culture. Each of these opportunities has corresponding benefits and responsibilities. The aim of student accountability and the judicial process is to assist students in their discovery of what it means to live in Christian community, to seek justice, to resolve conflict, to appreciate and celebrate culture and to practice leadership at Union University.

The philosophy of discipline at Union is redemptive and restorative in nature. The intent is to encourage thought and action while promoting greater commitment to Jesus Christ and promoting healthy habits of lifelong learning. This webpage will provide you with the expectations (community responsibility and values), the outcomes of failing to meet the expectations (sanctions and judicial process), and the support provided by the University (seeking to change, appeals, etc.).

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Student Right-To-Know

For more information about University community values or the judicial process at Union University, please review the Campus Life Handbook or contact Bryan Carrier, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students at bcarrier@uu.edu or at 731.661.5090.

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