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Housing Policy

Union University recognizes the experience of residential living as a valuable part of every students' education. Residential life at Union provides students with opportunities to integrate faith with daily living, to develop relationships with the Christ-centered Residence Life staff, and to build lifelong friendships with peers.

Based on our strong belief that a student's college experience is greatly benefitted by living on campus, Union has chosen to be a residential university, requiring that all unmarried, full-time, undergraduate students live on-campus. All undergraduate students with fewer than 86 credits earned or under 22 years of age live on campus during their college years (unless they live at home with their parents). Medical accomodations may be granted in consultation with the Office of Disability Services and require medical documentation.

Students are exempt from the requirement to live on campus if they meet at least one of the following qualifications:

If a student prefers to live off-campus and one of the above qualifications applies to his/her situation, the student would need to complete a Request for Approval to Live Off-Campus form. These forms are available on the Resources portion of this site or in the Office of Residence Life in the Student Union Building.

If a student feels he/she has extenuating circumstances which deserves consideration for off-campus residency, that student must complete the following steps prior to seeking accommodations off-campus:

  1. Complete a Request for Approval to Live Off-Campus form
  2. Write a letter that includes the reasons and circumstances for their needing to live off-campus
  3. Turn both the form and the letter in to the Office of Residence Life to be reviewed by the Appeals Committee at least 2 weeks prior to Housing Sign-ups

After the Appeals Committee has met, the student will be contacted by the Office of Residence Life regarding the request.

Please note that any student who moves off-campus without an exemption from the University will be charged the equivalent of a room in Heritage Residence Complex each semester the student does not honor the university housing policy.

All residential students (single or married) must remain registered as full-time students (at least 12 credit hours). If a student wishes to drop below 12 credit hours and desires to continue living on-campus, he/she must first present a request in writing to the Director of Residence Life. If a student stops attending classes without completing a formal withdrawal through the academic center, that student will be asked to move out of University Housing. For more information about Union's Housing Policy, please refer to the Campus Life Handbook.

For further information regarding Residence Life at Union, please call the Office of Residence Life at (731) 661-5432, and we will be happy to talk with you!

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