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Career Planning

Taking Charge of Your Own Career Planning & Development: The Four-Year Plan

Freshman Year: Listen, Explore, Set Goals, & Participate

Sophomore Year: Explore More, Decide, Self-Assess, Re-assess, Shadow

Junior Year: Focus, Develop Application Materials, Intern, Network

Senior Year: Search, Prepare, Interview, Secure References, Pursue, Follow-up & CELEBRATE!

Want to know more about your major?

  1. Talk with other students in the major
    • What classes or professors have they liked best?
    • If there is a club, group, or honorary society for those majors, attend their meetings.
  2. Talk with professors in the department.
    • What do they have to say about the profession?
    • What opportunities do they know of in this field?
  3. Read the catalog section on that department
  4. Take an introductory course
  5. Check the Career Resource Center
    • What opportunities exist for graduates with this major?
    • How can the major be linked to skills and occupations?
  6. Evaluate the information you have gathered by your own interests, skills, aptitudes, and choose a major for the reasons that make sense to YOU!

What Can the Vocatio Center Do For You?

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About the Vocatio Center
  • The Vocatio Center is available to all students and alumni of Union University.
  • We are located in the west end of the Penick Academic Complex, down "A/B" hall.
  • We are open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Contact Us
  • Jacqueline Taylor
    Assistant Dean of Students &
    Director of the Vocatio Center
  • Reneé Jones
    Associate Director of the Vocatio Center
  • Ben Burleson
    Programming Coordinator
  • Esperanza Aguilar
    Secretary/Student Success Advocate
  • Phone: 731-661-5421
  • Fax: 731-661-5187
  • Email: vocatiocenter@uu.edu
  • 1050 Union University Drive
  • Jackson, TN 38305

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