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UU Password Reset Help

This page provides helpful information to a student or employee using password.uu.edu to change the person's own password.

Students, when changing your password at password.uu.edu, enter your full Union e-mail address.

  • Your full Union e-mail address is your username ending with @my.uu.edu
    • If you do not know your username (the first part of your e-mail address), get it here.
  • Once you know your username, use it to enter your full e-mail address at password.uu.edu
  • For general information about the use of your username, get it here.
  • If you need to contact an IT Help Desk to have your password reset, be aware that student passwords will be reset within 24 working hours of the time the request is submitted.

Employees, when changing your password at password.uu.edu, enter your true Union e-mail address.

  • When changing your password, your true Union e-mail address is your username followed by @uu.edu, even if other people may be able to correspond with you using a slightly longer e-mail address associated with your account.
  • When changing your password, be sure to enter the username you type when signing into WebAdvisor or the campus network. Then append @uu.edu to your username.
  • In specific situations for some employees hired earlier than January 2008, an employee may be able to sign in with a username that is shorter than the first part of the employee's usable e-mail address.
  • As an example, consider a mythical employee named John Sanderson hired December 2007. His username for WebAdvisor and the campus network would be jsanders (8 letters maximum). However, he is currently able to use the e-mail address jsanderson@uu.edu due to some subsequent work by IT. However, his "true" e-mail address is jsanders@uu.edu . Thus, to change his password he would have to enter jsanders@uu.edu for the Account name at password.uu.edu

Guidelines for creating a secure password

  • Keep your password private. Never share it with anyone. Sharing your password violates Union's acceptable use policy found at www.uu.edu/it/policies/aup.cfm
  • Create your password using at least three of these four categories of characters:
    • Uppercase letters (A-Z)
    • Lowercase letters (a-z)
    • Digits (0-9)
    • Special characters ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + - = { } | [ ] \ : " ; ' < > ? , . /
  • Your password must be unique, meaning you cannot re-use a Union password you used before.
  • Your password cannot contain spaces.
  • Your password cannot contain your name or username in any combination of uppercase or lowercase letters.
  • Your password should be at least 8 characters long. A long password is more secure than a short password.
  • Other password tips can be found at microsoft.com

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