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Welcome to the J-Term 2013 HomePage! J-Term is a great opportunity fulfill course requirements at an accelerated pace, and this year we have added more sections of classes that students have requested. However, J-Term isn't just about the classroom, it's also a great opportunity to continue your involvement on campus. We have a full schedule of events planned and hopefully another snow-filled January to enjoy together! During J-term you'll find smaller class sizes, great community, and maybe even the chance to grab that dream parking spot. We want you to be here so much that we are offering free housing for any student who signs up for any traditional or online course through Union University. A one-hour class is all it takes to qualify for free housing. If you are interested in taking classes during J-Term talk to your advisor about registering for classes. To register for free housing follow the link below. We hope to see you here in January!

Free Rent*

J-Term Events

1/2 - 1/24TutoringHundley Center
1/2- 1/25 Pacer Challenge Wellness
1/2 New Student Lunch SLE
1/3 Men's Basketball Game Athletics
1/3 Women's Basketball Game Athletics
1/3 Ping Pong Tournament Residence Life
1/10 Game night in the Bowld Residence Life
1/11 Movie in the Bowld SAC
1/17 Men's Basketball Game Athletics
1/17 Women's Basketball Game Athletics
1/17 Amazing Race Residence Life
1/21 Martin Luther King Day of Service Spiritual Life
1/24 Food for Finals Residence Life
1/26 Men's Basketball Game Athletics
1/26 Women's Basketball Game Athletics
1/28 Student Leadership Conference SLE
TBD 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament Intramurals

J-term FAQ's

Q: Can I live on campus for J-term if I didn't live on campus the previous semester or if I have never lived on campus before?
A: Yes, we would love for you to come back to campus or be a first time resident. Regardless of whether or not you're a first time resident, you will need to bring $100 to the Residence Life office as a housing deposit and then complete the J-Term housing request form. Shortly after, you will receive more information about your housing placement.

Q: Does the free rent apply to married housing or graduate students?
A: Free rent for the month of January will not be available to those in married housing or those in graduate programs. Free rent will only be available to traditional undergraduate students.

Q: Are classes cheaper during J-term?
A: Classes are significantly cheaper during J-term! Classes cost $580 per hour during J-term compared to $845 during the fall and spring semester.

Q: Will my financial aid apply during J-term?
A: Student financial aid during J-term depends on your scholarship. Students whose scholarship is based on hours will be allowed to apply their scholarship to J-term. MK scholarships will also apply during J-term. If you are uncertain about whether or not your financial aid will apply please contact Student Financial Planning at 731.661.5015

Q: How many hours can/should I take during J-term?
A: Students are allowed to take a maximum of 7 hours during J-term. However, most students are recommended to take anywhere from 1-4 hours based on their personal graduation goals. If you are unsure about how many hours to take please contact your advisor. Your advisor can be found through the following link www.uu.edu/advising

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